Why Seborrheic Dermatitis Almost Killed Me And How I withstood

Sometime in 2015, I experienced exactly what I believe is..

Why Seborrheic Dermatitis Almost Killed Me And How I withstood

Sometime in 2015, I experienced exactly what I believe is the worst problem in my life. At very first I discovered dandruff on my scalp which I believed was a normal occurrence and hence I purchased a shampoo because I thought I was not doing rather a good task with cleaning my scalp. Later, like after two weeks, my skin began feeling scratchy with a burning experience. This is a sensation I totally neglected and I believed it was a natural reaction to some food I had taken. The swelling would just not disappear nevertheless much I prevented taking proteins. Considering that, I believed it was my body’s natural reaction to animal proteins. In the future, I began experiencing inflammation on my skin, which was quite irregular at this point, I started stressing over my health. Later on, my skin ended up being swollen and was oily. The worst was yet to come. This is because after 3 weeks after the first signs, I saw I had loss of hair problems this was as I was combing my hair one early morning. I observed the comb was left with a lot hair that it got me concerned. I did not desire to lose my hair at such an early age of 25.

At this moment I felt there was have to seek expert assistance from a skin specialist. I spoke with buddies and likewise did a research on the web. It was when I was doing this research study when stumbled upon details about a certain medical professional who is based in Newport Beach, Southern California. Her name was Dr. Bahareh B. Khavarian. From the services she offered, which consisted of Newport hair restoration. I had to try her services out.

I therefore scheduled a consultation to see her over the phone and took a trip to see her on the day of the visit. I arrived early at her clinic on that day. The staff at the center were extremely welcoming the receptionist offered me some publications on skin issues to go through as I waited on the physician to arrive. On top of this the receptionist was kind hearted and assured me that the medical professional would see me soon.

When I finally satisfied Dr. Bahareh she was fast to assure me that I had gone to the appropriate facility which my skin problem would enhance as quickly as they had known what was ailing me and taken my medication. She inquired about my case history and likewise performed a physical exam of my skin. She later on notified me that I was suffering from lSeborrheic Dermatitis. The physician was kind adequate to take me through the significance of this condition and what was the correct medication. After the assessment with the doctor, I was offered medication for my skin as well as medication to reverse my hair loss. After a couple of weeks my skin health was restored and so was my regular hair development.

For all this, I am happy to Dr. Bahareh and the members of her staff who ensured my skin health was brought back and so was my hair. You too must try their remarkable services and witness a life restoring experience.

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